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Sisu Sauna


True to tradition, Finnleo® saunas are made in Finnish style exclusively of fine grained Nordic White Spruce. Sisu rooms are light and well-ventilated, with a subtle hint of deep Finnish forests. The extensive use of Abachi white wood makes it comfortable to the touch — even at high temperatures. Abachi has no knots or splinters and resists stains as well as odor absorption.

Pamper yourself with the soft, even heat from Finnleo® 's exclusive heater design. Direct contact between the elements and rocks eliminates the harsh metallic feel characteristic of lower-quality heaters

Sisu Packages

With Finnleo® Saunas, you know you're buying a meticulously crafted sauna room built from a tradition of quality. Benches are assembled from the bottom with stainless steel screws, and all wall panels are blind nailed, eliminating any exposed metal in the sauna.


Sisu Options
Finnleo® Sisu offers unlimited designs from personal size saunas to large club size saunas, making it the ideal choice for any use. Custom designs and sizes are available as well. Optional wood choices include clear Western Red Cedar, and clear Vertical Grain Hemlock.

You can personalize your sauna with any number of available options including:


  • Deluxe "Grande" interiors

  • Deluxe "Sunburst" interiors

  • Bronze tinted sidelite windows (tempered insulated glass)

  • Special doors, including Finnleo® 's popular all-glass door or etched glass door

  • Custom-designed dramatic angles

  • Saunatonttu or Pikkutonttu heater upgrades

Choose from several door and window styles to personalize your sauna and give it the look you want. Door options include:

  • Clear Pine door with traditional window

  • Clear Pine door with window and grids

  • All-glass door (standard)

  • Etched all-glass door with birch leaf design

  • Etched birch leaf door with negative image

  • Satin all-glass door for privacy

  • Sidelight window options in multiple panel locations or tint options


All doors are prehung and include handles and pre-installed recessed stainless steel ball catches (except the Clear Pine Door - which has self-closing hinges).

  • Abachi benches, backrests, headrests, heater guard and duck boards

  • Prebuilt, prefitted wall and ceiling panels — all completely blind nailed, Nordic White Spruce interior and exterior

  • Prehung door, hinged left or right, premounted in its own panel, Nordic White Spruce interior and exterior

  • Heater, rocks, bucket, ladle, light, thermometer and necessary hardware

  • Manufactured in the USA by Finnleo®

  • Quick and easy assembly

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