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Color Therapy

Psychological and therapeutic effects of Colors has been provided with permission by Healthstart Life Products, Australia.

NOTICE: We have provided the information here for reference purposes only and to stimulate further investigation. No implication of Saunatec's Infrared Sauna creating a cure for or treating any disease is implied nor should it be inferred. If you have a health issue always consult your doctor for medical advice.

RED is the symbol of love and of life itself; with its penetration power; which is the highest of all colors; it is recommended for treatment of impeded circulation. It generates enthusiasm, arouses

BLUE is a cool color that has a calming effect. It is helpful in treating sleep disorders and headaches. It helps in all kinds of cramps and can have an anti-bacterial effect

GREEN is a cooling, sedating color, which helps reduce swelling of joints and tissues; it calms the body and helps reduce inflammation. It’s the color of the relaxed heart.

TURQUOISE is the color for mental relaxation and tackling embedded psychological barriers. It can help regulate imbalances in the lung and large intestine system. It can facilitate spiritual growth.

VIOLET promotes awareness and consciousness. It increases effects of meditation. It promotes proper functioning of the lymphatic system and can be helpful in times of menopause.

YELLOW is a clear purifying color, which stimulates clarity of intellect, as well as toxin processing and elimination. It can help with learning disabilities and with endocrine functions.

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