BH  Portable Sauna 5 x 5(shown) and 5 x 7 available.  Inside or outside.


NEWSFLASH for Hänk’s Häuser Saunas!

 Due to Covid issues, there has been delays of 10 weeks to 10 months on delivery for saunas.  Hänk’s Häuser has been working on a solution to bring the delivery times down to 4 weeks on portable units.  We have partnered with Brian Hoeschen of Hoeschen Homes to build two sizes, a 5 x 5 and a 5 x 7 unit.  They will be available either for inside homes or outside on patios with floor and shed roof available.  We have them priced with delivery and setup within a 100 mile radius of St. Cloud.   

 Will need electrical of 220 volt to finish final hookups.